Bicycle routes

  • The green “Kańsko Lake” (17.7 km).
    It follows a postglacial gutter, filled with two lakes Rakowo Duże and Rakowo Małe, through a vast forest complex, to the shore hidden in a deep valley of Lake Kańsko. The coastal paths of the lake to discover the unique configuration of the coastal slopes.
  • Blue “Around the Siecino Lake” (38.9 km).
    The bicycle trail runs along the edge of the Drawski Landscape Park, a unique route along the Siecino Lake. Along the trail you can meet numerous historic half-timbered churches, palaces, parks, viewpoints and nature monuments. The final section leads along the nature trail near two nature reserves: “Lake Czarnówek” and “Torfowisko nad jeziorem Morzysław Mały”.
  • Yellow “Lisica Góra” (28.7 km).
    The route follows a fantastically uplifted hilly area of ​​the Lisica Mountain (167 m.n.p.m.). Along the route, numerous viewpoints and the longest and third largest reservoir in the Drawskie Lake District – Lake Lubie. The trail meets numerous historical palaces and manors hidden in the shadow of the park’s old trees, churches of interesting and diverse architecture.
  • Black “Wąsawy Valley” (30.7 km).
    Runs around a long and narrow glacial trough, filled with waters of three lakes: Wąsosze, Dolnego and Górnego. The lake connects the Wąsawa River flowing into Drawa in Złocieniec. On the route, you will encounter historic churches, palaces and parks as well as huge oaks – natural monuments.
  • The Red Drawa (60.7 km).
    The trail runs through an extremely varied, post-glacial area full of hills, separated by various forms of depressions. It reaches the shore of the largest reservoir of the Drawsko Lake District – Drawsko Lake. The trail runs close to 10 lakes. He discovers mansions and palaces hidden among the park trees. He meets historic churches, built in the surroundings of old trees. In Warniłęgu you can visit the Art Gallery.